Brake Repair

Important Brake Services at Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder

Taking care of your car's brakes is an important part of routine maintenance. Drivers near Boulder, CO, certainly need their vehicles to be able to slow down when necessary. No matter where you live or what you drive, proper brake upkeep is essential.

Replacing Brake Pads

Brake pads are the components that physically clamp onto the disc or rotor when you stop. They're designed to provide the friction needed to slow a vehicle. That friction means that your bake pads wear down naturally over time and with use.

Brake pads can usually last tens of thousands of miles, but they do need to be replaced routinely. Wait too long to replace brake pads and you could notice symptoms like vibrations, squeaking, and diminished brake performance. Your technician should have no problem taking out worn brake pads and installing new ones.

Replacing Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are the actual discs that make up the bulk of a brake system at a single wheel. They're the metal discs that the pads clamp onto. While the pads wear down, the rotors are designed to withstand the punishment for much longer.

But, heavy use can still take a toll on these components. Most commonly, brake rotors can become warped. Brake rotors can also get rusty over time in states with more precipitation, like Colorado. Having your brake rotors replaced is a bit pricier than replacing pads, but it's usually required far less often.

Brake Lines and Master Cylinder

The other element of your brake system that needs routine maintenance is brake fluid. Brake systems typically use a hydraulic design that sends fluid pressure through lines to each individual brake via a pressurized master cylinder. These components can sometimes develop leaks, which reduces hydraulic pressure. This in turn reduces the effectiveness of your brakes. Checking brake fluid levels is a good way to make sure that nothing is leaking, and the brake system is sealed up effectively. Schedule your appointment at Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder for a complete check.


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