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Returning a Leased Car | What to Do When Your Lease is Ending

Is your Toyota lease ending soon and you ere wondering what to do next? Check out our guide to leasing a car and begin the process of returning, or buying, your current Toyota leased vehicle. For additional lease information, visit ToyotaFinancial.com or Use our Car Loan Calculator to find a payment that works for you when leasing a car.

Boulder Toyota Lease vs Buy
Option 1: Lease a new Toyota
  • If you'd like to return your current Toyota for a new model, check out the new Toyota models and find your perfect vehicle. 
  • Schedule a complimentary pre-inspection by contacting DataScan at 855-406-9837 or visit DSFS.com to schedule the appointment online.
  • Make vehicle repairs (if necessary).
  • Return your Toyota by scheduling a turn-in appointment with us. Be sure to bring the tool kit, spare tire, all sets of keys, service records, Owner's Manuals and any original equipment on your vehicle from the start of the least (headrests, radio, 3rd row seats, etc.).
Option 2: Purchase your current Toyota
  • If you'd like to purchase your current leased vehicle, call Toyota at 800-286-0652. Toyota will review the details of your lease agreement, discuss options and determine the vehicle's payoff amount. 
  • Once you're ready for the purchase process


Boulder Toyota Lease vs Buy
As you approach the final 60 days of your lease, you can schedule an optional pre-inspection with DataScan, an independent vehicle inspection company partnered with Toyota. 

Call: 855-406-9837 to speak to a DataScan specialist

Schedule: Visit DSFS.com to book an appointment 

Pre-inspections are free and provide details regarding any Excess Wear and Use your vehicle may have acquired during your lease. 

Boulder Toyota Lease vs Buy
With only a month left before your lease ends, you've probably decided which avenue you'd like to take - buying or returning your current leased vehicle. Discover how your Toyota loyalty is rewarded. Use our Car Loan Calculator to find a payment that works for you when leasing a car. 

You Decided to: Lease a New Toyota
  • Visit Boulder Toyota to make any necessary repairs
  • Schedule a turn-in appointment with us
  • Return your current Toyota vehicle

You Decided to: Purchase Your Current Lease
  • Call 800-286-0652 or the dealership you leased your vehicle from to receive your payoff balance, the address send your final payment and which sales documents you may need to finalize your purchase
  • Mail your payment and any necessary documents

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